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Doomsday v1 Mech Mod – San Antonio Vape Shops Today’s featured authentic mod at VAPE AIR LOUNGE is the Doomsday v1 by Intergalactic Industries. Released Friday the 13th, in June of 2014 at Vape Summit in Las Vegas, the Doomsday has been recognized as a game changer for the entire vape community. This device is the tip of the spear, ushering in the era of “The End of Clones”![uid]=808 The button of this 18650 mechanical mod is spring action, but works as smooth as magnetic buttons. It also features copper center pins that are fully adjustable to fit the 510 device of your preference. Come by and pick up yours today!

The Doomsday v1 Mod at Vape Air Lounge!

site here The Doomsday v1 Mod at Vape Air Lounge!

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